Frequently asked questions about COVID-19 test

PCR test

You can get a corona test (RT-PCR) and certificate from Lääkäriasema Medipulssi  in Helsinki at the most competitive rate in Finland. The test and certificate cost 100 euros.

We can provide you with a corona certificate (COVID-19 RT-PCR Medical Certificate) for travelling. The test results and certificate will be ready the following day by noon (12:00) on weekdays and by 14:00 on weekends.

Please note that we test only asymptomatic customers at the Malmi corona testing point in Helsinki. If you have symptoms please visit our testing point at Messukeskus, Pasila or Tallinnanaukio, Itäkeskus.

If your test result is negative, we will provide you with a certificate. It will be delivered to you by secure mail or if you want you can collect it from our testing points. The certificate has a QR-code which you can show to airport officials or other authorities so they can verify the certificate details.

Please note that you can book time for the Covid-19 test only on the Internet. 

Express Service

If you need a PCR test result quickly, choose the Express service. If you come for a Covid test before 13:00, you will receive the test result and the certificate by midnight (00:00) on the same day. 

If you come for an Express test after 13:00, the test result and the certificate will be ready by 9:00 the next morning on weekdays and at 12:00 on weekends. Occasionally a test result must be analysed twice  (f.ex. unclear test result), which can cause a delay of couple of hours. 

You can print your certificate yourself or collect it from our testing points during opening hours. The Express service costs an extra fee of 40 €.  Service is available every day of the year.

Antigen test

You can also come to us for an antigen test, which costs 50 €. The price includes an Antigen Medical Certificate in English with a QR code. This certificate is suitable for travelling. 

You will receive the certificate to your email about 30 minutes after the testing. 

If you are going on a trip, it is your duty to check the entry regulations and certification requirements of the destination country. 

Need Only a Certificate?

If you have been tested negative in other health care unit and you need only a certificate, we can provide it. To get the certificate you need to show us the negative test result on  My Kanta -pages or provide us with an official document from a health care unit.  

The certificate will cost 50 € and it contains a QR-code. 

To get the certificate you don’t need to make an appointment, but please be prepared to wait about 30 minutes. Read more info about the certificates.

Documents to Carry

All persons requiring a test must carry their passport or other travel document when they come for the test. The travel document number is needed to the travel certificate. If you need the test result for other purposes than travel, you can verify your identity also by other photo ID (f.ex. Kela-card with a photo).

Other Travel Advisory Related Matters

You need to verify the COVID-19 rules and regulations of your destination country. These regulations are country specific. Remember to check the requirements before booking your appointment

Here you can find frequently asked questions about our COVID-19 test.

Travellers with no symptoms do not receive Kela compensation. Please avoid travelling if you have symptoms.

The price of the RT-PCR test and a certificate is 100  €  and there are no extra fees. If the customer needs the PCR-test result and the certificate  quickly and selects the Express service, we charge an additional fee of 40 €. 

If you have not paid the test at the time of booking, you can pay it by card or by Mobilepay at our testing points. At Malmi testing point the test can be paid also in cash.

Yes. The certificate will be in English.

We provide both tests (RT-PCR test and Antigen) and the type of the test is mentioned in the certificate. 

If you have symptoms please visit our testing point at Messukeskus, Pasila or Tallinnanaukio, Itäkeskus, both in Helsinki. At the Malmi corona testing point we test only asymptomatic customers.

Both PCR and Antigen tests are taken from the nose (nasopharynx). The tests can be taken over the throat only, if there is a medical reason for it.

We will notify the customer by phone of a positive COVID-19 test result and urge to self quarantine.  If necessary, we will send the customer a certificate of a positive test result by a secure email.

Note! Lääkäriasema Medipulssi is not liable for financial damages to the customer, such as the loss of a flight, if the test result is positive.

If you have had COVID-19 in the past six months, the PCR-test result can still be positive. You may obtain the COVID-19 Recovery Certificate for travel purposes, if you can show the earlier positive test result from Omakanta pages (MyKanta) or other official health care document.

You will receive the certificate via secure email. Or you can collect it from  our testing points after receiving the negative test result.

Some countries require a fit to fly certificate. The certificate is written by a doctor. It includes more specific information about traveler’s health situation and suitability to travel by plane in addition to the negative test result. Fit to fly certificate differs from the negative test result certificate for travelling. 

Fit to fly certificate costs 20 euros if the corona test has been taken at Medipulssi. If you have been tested elsewhere the certificate costs 50 euros. In order to obtain a certificate, the test result must be displayed on My Kanta Pages (Omakanta) or official paper from the health care centre. 

A corona certificate alone costs 50 € if the corona test has been taken elsewhere. The certificate contains a QR-code. In order to obtain a certificate, the test result must be displayed on My Kanta Pages (Omakanta) or on official paper from other health care unit.

We believe at Lääkäriasema Medipulssi that our costs are most competitive.

Didn’t find the answer for your question? Please send your question to and we will get back to you.  Please note that you can book time for the test only on the Internet:

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